Recent Testimonials from our Clients


“Margot and her team have been an integral part of my businesses for over 30 years. Their accounting services are premium. They look after all of my personal and business accounting from monthly accounts, Tax advice, Planning, and yearend tax requirements, as well as liaison with the bank and tax department on my behalf. I have always found their advice genuine and accurate, and always in the best interest of our business. I have developed a great professional relationship with Margot Leigh and Associates and find them extremely approachable and friendly. To those people looking for great personal and business accounting service then I can’t recommend the services of Margot Leigh and Associates high enough.”

Jim Piper (Founder, Director, Pipers Patent Attorneys)

“I met Margot Leigh and Associates more than 20 years ago. Margot has been my personal accountant ever since. Her professional attention to detail, knowledge of tax law and personality has proven to be a successful partnership. Margot proves you can have fun talking about accounting and tax!”

Rodney Wayne

“Margot Leigh and Associates has been our company’s accountant for many years. The growth of our professional relationship has been none other than smooth and efficient. I not only value the concise, detailed information and explanation she provides, but also her fantastic, outgoing personality and enthusiastic sense of humour. We have developed a good friendship during the course of our working relationship which will allow us to work together to many years to come. I can highly recommend Margot to anyone looking for an accountant providing a high level of professionalism.”

Steve Barton, (Vice President, Dole Asia (NZ) Ltd)

“This firm has handled my accounts with exemplary professionalism. I’m more relaxed about business accounting problems because I seem to have very experienced brains on call when I need them. I would recommend their business because they are genuinely interested in the running of your business, and its success. It’s refreshing to receive a friendly, precise, and prompt services, and their advice over the years has been invaluable”

Alex Gage-Brown (General Manager, Skinfood NZ)

“Margot Leigh and Associates have supported me with accounting services both personally and for my business for the last 5 years. They have provided sound advice in a professional and friendly manner. They return all my calls and emails promptly, and everything they explain is easy to understand. They know how to keep my tax bills down and make sure you don’t have to pay a cent more than you have to. I highly recommend their services”

Adriano Perazzini (Director, PC Doctor)

“Margot Leigh has been our company’s accountant for over 20 years. Margot is always willing to help, in whatever capacity, whether by phone or in person and will always find time to discuss business matters with us. She has a pleasant disposition, is fabulously kind and marvellous at her job. She truly is one of the most inspirational women I know, completely and utterly dedicated to giving her customers the best service possible. I would highly recommend Margot to anyone and should you need to discuss this with me, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Lou Cunningham (Director, Qwerty Systems Ltd)